An elegant free-form shelter to protect people and pedal cycles.

London, UK

  • Good bus shelter is recognizable: an elegant solution spreads BIM capability. A bright colour contrast helps to identify the shelter to those with visual impairments;
  • Good bus shelter is secure: anodized aluminium panels are vandal resistant;
  • Good bus shelter is visible: waiting passengers have a clear view of approaching buses and are clearly visible to bus drivers;
  • Good bus shelter is simple: it integrates digital fabrication processes with manual assembly procedures;
  • Good bus shelter is maintainable: it is easy to clean and replace broken elements.
  • Good bus shelter is adaptable: a curtain panel pattern-based surface easily adapts to the context changing panel types: LED Light panels, photovoltaic panels, shape memory alloy panels, sign panels.
  • Good bus shelter is shielding: it protects people and pedal cycles from the rain and the sun.
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