Striped facade in the wind

The idea of the design is to preserve the original facades of a building and to enable it's higher energy performance. To achieve that the new glass skin is added. It creates an additional space as an thermal insulation layer which allows to control the climate inside a building.

          The new glass skin on the north elevation consists of vertical stripes of glass in two colors - brown and grey. They are formed in a wavy way similar to stripes of paper moving in the wind. They are placed between the glass columns perpendicular to the elevation. Stainless steel plates which are joining vertically parts of glass columns are attached to the existing main structure of a building.  The inclining glass panels are mounted between glass columns to the stainless steel plates. Gaps between the sheets of glass are filled with silicon. The vertical divisions of a new skin correspond to those on the original facade thus integrating well with existing structure.

          Bended stripes of glass consisting of flat double-glazed panels in different colors create a dynamic floating effect as an opposite to the ordered elevations of adjacent buildings.

          The design does not restrict sidewalk circulation as the new skin starts at level 2. Using high efficiency glass panels in existing wall openings is suggested to improve thermal insulation of that part of a building while leaving it's original facade.

          Due to the building's orientation the risk of north elevation overheating is not high. On the other hand east elevation may gain a lot of energy from the Sun and that fact is an opportunity to use solar energy to produce electricity with photovoltaic panels mounted as a part of a new skin. These panels also serve as sun shades protecting interior buffer space from overheating.

          As reskinning costs money, an additional rentable area is proposed over the existing roof on a new constructed floor. Both new slab and flat roof should have a proper fire rating to protect adjacent buildings. The external glazed walls give an excellent view which is even emphasized thanks to bay windows.

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