Located In Singapore Orchard Road, the place is a popular zone for shopping and retail. Pop-up retail shops reside at the side of the street and pedestrians can enter the shops.

The store is 200sq feet for extended version. It is highly easy to set up and tear down like Uniqlo Cube. It can transform to fit different themes for  UNIQLO, UTGP, Disney, Coca Cola etc. (proposed client)

The design can lock up at night.


Extend as an outdoor shopping display up to 200sqfeet (with shading overhang)

Extend as a Fashion show catwalk platform in the night

Can be Naturally ventilated and lit

Can be Air-conditioned and lighted in the night with plug-in point at designated spot on street

Can Be designed with 1 fitting room

Fitting Room can be enclosed and locked or unlocked electronically for changing of clothes.

FACADE of fitting room provides as a advertising platform.

Transportable with a lorry and moved down to position with liftstruck.

Q: Could The glass facade be fragile to transporting?

ANS: No. It uses acrylic which is highly durable and had been used in glass domes / under water submarines. For Europe Conditions, we use double glazing for the facade and it could be double protected using a decorative metalwork (e.g. Mickey Metalwork)

Q: Is the changing room enclosed fully to prevent pedestrians from looking in from buildings or sideways?

ANS: YES, it is enclosed at the top and sideways.

Q: HOW does it transform to keep with creativity?

ANS: The Exterior could be covered by recycled bottles for a certain theme like COCA COLA /  RECYCLE CAMPAIGNS while the interior is still air conditioned. The comfort would not be compromised.

Q:Why HP printers?

ANS:Plotting without ink leakage

Q;Why Own a HP plotter?



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