P.O.S - Mobile RFID Retail

P.O.S / Point of Sale is a mobile RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) store. Drawing on the applications of RFID technology by services such as EZPass and Zipcar, P.O.S compresses retail to a single surface. Merchandise is stored in a magetically locked case which is unlocked when purchases are made via smartphones.

Removing the cash wrap/ register from the retail equation opens up immense possibilities for the retail program. P.O.S is suitable, and more effective in high traffic areas such as railway stations, and transit hubs. The act of shopping completely changes, retail space is no longer has an immersive closed envirnment, but more a casual, brief exchange. Can I buy a t-shirts, like I buy a pack of Skittles or a song on my iPhone..? Pop Up retail locations have the potential to be testing grounds for new retail models, as opposed to scaled versions of typical retail environments.


The majoj advantages of P.O.S. include;

-24hr service. With merchandise stored in RFid locked vatrines, purchases can be made on demand.

-Transactions change from a 'point'/singular event to a cloud/multiplicity event. No more lines, but subtle crowds that ebb and flow.

-Purchase trends become online data which can be leveraged instantly(As it already is in online shopping). Websites and services such as, but not limited to, Foursquare, Istagram, Twitter, Skribblr, Facebook, can index and rapidly share this information, promoting the pop up store.

-Inventory. With the use of the RFid system at a point each night the retailer can take stock of items sold and deliver only the necessary replacements for empty vatrines. This also becomes data which can be leveraged to track more successful products, but this already exists.

In fact P.O.S. uses systems and technologies that all currently exist, but combine them to re-invent retail through the pop up store.

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