Pop-upside down

    The site is a free plot in Paris, just in front of the eiffel tower, this space is surprisingly empty in the middle of a very crowded and touristic district.
    The Pop-Up Store gives the opportunity for a brand to represent itself in new places. This is a small commercial unit wich is ephemeral. It allow to break the traditionnal link with the customers by creating an event in the public space. The presence of this new building must be spectacular, astonishing and innovative.
    The shape is a cube, it become a singular object in the parisian landscape because it establish no formal links between his presence and the surrounding buildings.  From the outside it is unpredictable, because of its dark and shiny skin that doesn’t allow to understand it’s function. This is an artefact, completely abstract, a smbol, a totem. It invite us to visit it to discover what’s inside
    Inside the cube the traditionnal spatial division of stores is inverted and the shelves become space modulators more than just furnitures. This spatial configuration directly links perception of light, sounds and space to the products.

The skin of the Pop-up store is fully glazed and include photovoltaic cells that both ensure the needs in energy of the store and act as louvers to protect from overheating. The Shelves are made of timber sections that can be easily assembled as a puzzle.

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