Current petrol gas stations are whittled with ecological violations. Besides the fact that they are selling a product with a huge carbon footprint, gas stations leak that fuel into the ground, contaminating plants, groundwater and soil. Some out of service stations are even classified as brownfields, making it hard to reclaim our urban fabric.

"Park/Park" is an attempt to recycle these brownfield areas. The old tank is replaced with a rainwater cistern, which recharges by harvesting water runoff. The old surfaces are replaced with permeable surfaces, which allow water to infiltrate into the water system. The soils are cleaned over time by the stubborn mesquite, known for creating a nurturing environment for other native plants. Opposed to the current gas system, this station has the infrastructure above the vehicles, which makes it easier to switch out when faster charging systems become available. Also the overhead system can also support a sun tracking solar panel system perfect for the sunny desert.

The station is located in Tempe AZ on the South east corner of Rural and University Drive. This site is ideal due to its proximity to the ASU campus, Bus system and Light Rail system; bringing more exposure to the new technology. The station also doesn’t discriminate those who travel by foot or mass transit; all of its green spaces are shared between those who wait on their cars to charge and those who wait for their bus to arrive. "Park/Park" balances ecological systems and social systems in order to regain a piece of our urban fabric.

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