MHU ... MetaBall Help Unit

We use the natural of desert in Las vigas and make the design of the unit that we help the people from Meteorites rain down so we use the metaball logic in paramtric design and the design of unit depend on the main points make the atractors of the metaball shapes the design process divison to 2 stages :
-1st stage that the design came from the site of project that the desert of Las vigas .
-2nd stage that the using of unit divide to House Unit , Green Unit , Water Unit and Energy Unit by the generations of metaball about the house unit we make the covering -Regolth material- Nasa use it to build on the moon to protect house from Meteorites rain down and build the house spaces underground and make green spaces to help unit with oxegen and water spaces to collect water and solar cells zon to give the energy of unit .
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