Maura-ori pop-up store

The floating pavilion "Miura-Ori" consists of sections. This sections consist of four planes connected with hinges. With the help of hinges this sections transform. Each of the sections can have it's own angulation, and the whole pavilion can change it's disposition and architecture. The pavilion has two kinds of sections:

-with translucent walls:
-with blind walls.
The sections can pack and unpack that can simplify the transportation, building and demounting the pavilion.The sections have the following parameters: the width-2,0 meters, the height-3,2 meters, the lenght- 6,0 meters, in the result of it the pavilion has the constant width 6 meters, the length is multiple to 2 meters and isn't limited.
The purpose of the floating pavillion can be different, in this project two variants are considered:
-the cafe near the lake:
-the bookshop at the city square.


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