The portable  retail store entitled “liftshop” is specifically made for concerts and festivals. The design is powered by an electrical air cylinder that lifts the shop’s roof along with cable hung vinyl fins. The design is focused on consumer movement while creating retail shelving for vendors. The vinyl fins allow for cd’s T-shirts and other souvenirs to be displayed as well as create a transparent facade to the liftshop. The liftshop‘s roof and floor are embedded with lights that respond to the fung’ shui of concerts. The lights are programmed to change with the music that the concerts are generating, thus creating beacons of light and advertisement for the concert goers. Integrated speakers expand the persona of the concert and allow for music to be projected across the festival and concert grounds. Being only 15’ x 15’, the liftshop is easily transported, stored, delivered, and put to use. The liftshop is a new way to increase the experience of the concert. It allows for venders to easily and effectivly sell products while keeping consumers emerged into the ambiance of the concert.

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