Latitude 49 Electric Charge Rest Area

The overarching design for the electric charge station is driven by the path of the sun during the different seasons of the year.  The angularity of these optimum energy photovoltaic receivers drove initial designs and holds true to the project’s sustainable objectives.  Located at Lake Samish, WA on latitude 49, this position on the earth defines the optimum angle of the photovoltaic panels which thus drive this project.  The angled roofs automatically adjust with the ideal angle of the sun and thus maximize the potential of the photovoltaic cells.  The modularity of the charge stations also allows for phased construction as well as lowering production costs to meet the budget needs of the client. 

This rest area primarily serves as an accessible and comfortable facility to charge your electric car battery.  Vehicles requiring a quick charge, as well as those requiring a longer slow charge, accommodates the needs of all travelers driving electric cars.  Visitors needing the 30-minute charge duration are encouraged to walk down into the tower and along the pathway under the road to the lake.  This casual stroll takes them to the park waterfront which is an ideal location for a picnic.  

The rest stop caters not only to electric cars but also gives full electric charge service to electric semi-trucks needing to re-charge while shipping goods from point A to point B.  One side of the rest area is designated for truck traffic with appropriate clearance, whereas the normal car traffic roof lowers down to give a sense of shelter and comfort from the Northwest elements.

Ideally, the experience of this rest area will be to rejuvenate the visitor, thus providing a sustainable and relaxing stay between points in their travels.  This electric charge rest area serves the needs of any traveler while sustainably reducing its foot-print on the landscape.

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