iFIL - Electric Car Filling Station

Can you waste 30 minutes of your time? Of course not! Here you have the newest version of filling station that, in fact, becomes an active urban space. Don’t waste any minute of your time waiting for your electric car batteries to be charged!

You have a place to work comfortably with your laptop or tablet or you can enjoy a relaxing break in your journey.

Before you would pass five minutes filling a diesel deposit. And if those five minutes become half an hour? That requires a big change and a completely different service.

This proposal transforms an ordinary cover in a interactive habitable room. You work, relax, research, have fun and at the same time, you can keep an eye on your vehicle that seats right under you.

Each space is articulated around lightwells that give natural light to every area.

The roof, filled with photovoltaic panels, is the natural energetic strategy for this structure devoted to sustainable energy.

You don’t own an electric vehicle? Come anyway! You’ll enjoy this building!

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