Fluid + Morph Store

Project by Ashwanth and Anshul

Fluid + Morph is a pop up structure, that can be used as a retail store for a product, for exhibiting art etc, and for hosting events in a public space.

The structure is comprised of 10 module framework. Each module is repeated twice. These modules when bolted together,  form the structure. The framework can follow any sequence except for the first and the last one, which are fixed.  In-between modules can be shuffled to get various flowing forms.

Module is made of metal framework cladded with panels on all sides. These panels can be of Aluminium or  Polycarbonate or even wood. Each module can be bolted to the other generating the space inside. The store will draw its power from the Solar cells inserted in-between the cladding on the roof.  After every 3rd framework, there will be a gap to ensure natural ventilation and lighting.

The structure is suitable for all climate conditions because of the flexibility of structure and self generating power.  It can be dismantled easily and transported.

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