FLOUPOP is a pop-up store strategy.  FLOUPOP is versatile, easy to install and adaptable to surrounding conditions.  It consists of prefabricated metal frame, customized hard shell petals, and membrane that connect petals between each other.  Hard shell petals could be made of various materials: fiberglass, metal, rubber, and etc.  The surface is also customizable in color, texture, and coating materials.

 The unique feature of FLOUPOP is kinetically operated petals that could be opened and closed individually.  This feature makes FLOUPOP adaptable to the surroundings, protecting the interior from direct sun, rain, and wind.  Open floor plan allows for various furniture and product layout and flexibility in retail space that is adaptable to any small to medium scale product retail.

FLOUPOP is embracing towards its temporary surroundings with its open design seeking  to invite people to come in.  When the store is closed; it is glowing from the inside out through a translucent membrane becoming a bright lantern in the cityscape.  With its bright design FLOUPOP becomes a city sculpture and a neighborhood store that travels from place to place brightening the environment around it.

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