E-CAR CHARGING STATION places of mobile future


Places of Mobile Future


This is my design for electric vehicle charging and service stations for cars powered by sustainable and regenerative energy resources. It should represent a new type of design for service stations communicating values like cleanness, future, energy and sustainability. The design provides a new typology for charging stations wich is different to what we know nowadays as gas stations.

The design strategy was inspired by natural structures like soap bubbles and cellular structures referring to the idea of regenerative and sustainable recources as well as electricity. The secundary design inspirations were dynamic objects like the Mutagenesis scultptures by Arne Quinze or the „Giant Manta“ for finding the new „Formensprache“. The result is a dynamic shaped-sculptured object wich represents the power of electricity as well as nature and new energies. The design was made by use of Parametric Modelling techniques.

The station contains three units combined by a roof. The roof shelters passengers leaving their cars. It also provides a big surface covered with small solar active tiles generating electric power wich is used for running the station and charging the cars. The 3 foot units contain the service for cars like battery drop or charging, a restaurant and a convenience store.

The openings in the walls and the roof are covered with membrane to prevent lightweight and reduced material construction. The building itself should have a wooden framework cutout by computer-controlled milling cutter. The overall facade could be for example made of liquid synthetics (elastomer) for waterproofing and covered by solar-active mini tiles.

The places where the charging station will work best are beside highways or country roads where passengers need a break and cars need a stop to recharge or redrop batteries for reaching long distances. The charging station itself may vary in size up to the traffic volume. It its biggest size and 3 feet it may also span over motorway junction for example.

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