+community recharge

     Inspired by the writings of Richard Rogers in Cities for a Small Planet, Jaime Lerner’s Urban Acupuncture, and the idea of holistic sustainability (economy, ecology, and equity), ‘Community Recharge’ proposes the use of electric vehicle charging stations at the heart of communities. This particular example showcases a neighborhood in the Houston area that is void of any place for community gathering, celebration, or recreation, much like many suburban developments; Simply, the lack of ‘place’. The charging station would serve as a jumping point in turning a dividing commercial street and property into a uniting community park that would serve its immediate neighborhood. In the time it takes for a resident’s vehicle to charge they would be able to utilize the community center’s services and the proposed park for recreation. Without their vehicles this new development would be within a five minute walk for most of the neighborhood and at most a five minute bike ride. The heart of the project lies in its chain reaction of attracting sustainable sensibility and activity.
    The canopy provides shading for the vehicles while collecting solar energy for their recharge, and rain water is collected at a dipped end on the west side. The evolution of the center developed from regional Victorian-cottage typologies by being elevated above ground, and providing a shaded porch atmosphere that wraps around the building. An open space in the canopy allows sunlight beams through to highlight the entrance, and vertical slots along the façade allow for unique play with sun and shadow. 


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