Pop-up retail shops are typically used to generate inerest and excitement about a brand, concept or product. The Uniqlo cubes, for example, were designed to promote the brand ahead of opening a new flagship retail store in NYC. Amazon, having just launched their Kindle Fire tablet, and lacking any significant retail presence, is a perfect candidate for the pop-up store concept.

The Kindle Pop-Up Bookshop provides avid readers an opportunity to browse for and discover books in a familiar environment similar to a library or bookstore, but one that is organized and curated like what one might experience when purchasing online content. The Pop-Up Bookshop briges the gap between the tactile, spacial expereince of a retail store and the convenience of an e-reader. Book worms who might not otherwise visit one of the few electronics stores where they could try an Amazon Kindle can now test drive the device and user experience in a more comfortable environment. Customers can also explore the idea of "The Cloud," and better understand the benefits of this relatively new and somewhat abstract service.

Although the site for this concept is the Occidental Park pedestrian mall in downtown Seattle, it is non-specific so that it could travel to other locations as well. Furthermore, the tectonic qualities of the design allow it to be fully disassembled, flat-packed and shipped, or recycled.

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