A Chair for Shepard Fairey

The Chair:

The imagination put forth by Shepard is manifested in this redefinition of a studio object. The designed piece for Shepard is completely adaptable. Its versatility, to act as more than a chair, is the same principle Shepard uses in all his work. An object for Shepard can serve many needs, common or unique. On its own it could be sat on, or stacked, can support anything placed on top of it. In multiples, it once again redefines itself. As a textured wall piece, able to divide spaces, control sound and light, and furnish a space, its uses are vast and its form unique and identifiable.

Much like how Fairey reinterprets existing works into new pieces with a pop culture or political slant, the chair seeks to reappropriate the form of the cube, translating it into a new object. the stickability and modularity of the cube are retained while a new “plane” is added to the centre of the geometry, which skews the original cube form resulting in a more visually interesting and complex form that forces one to question -”how does this thing work”.

Shepard Fairey:

Born February 15th 1970, Frank Sheppard Fairy became interested in art at the age of 14, and in 1988 was accepted to the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating in 1992. By the time he had graduated, Fairey had already developed what has become his brand, the andre the giant icon. Fairey’s street artist beginnings informed his later work, as stencils and easily legible and highly graphic prints are still a large part of his reptoir.

Design + Fabrication by: Matthew Davis and Brock Benninger

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