Cameleon pop-up store

Cameleon Pop-up Store

Architecture is often a matter of adaptation to the site and program constraints. Temporary architecture is often relevant when it has the ability to evolve in space, in different place and allows the program to evolve.

The field of action is the urban space and everything that constitutes our city. These spaces are and remain the base for cameleon pop up store. The project is  "on site" each time in a different spaces. He develops itself in relation to the spaces he encounters.

We propose a system that instead of just adapting to different places, he will manage  extensible program for different type of brand.

Certain place requires major intervention when other place requires more discretion and a smaller scale.

20 to 200 m², the space expands with an alternative program based on place of instalation, the needs of the city and the brand.

We establish a particular relation to architectural context that influence the project, the store still preserves its independence whatever urban spaces he encounter. We start from an actual urban situation to construct the cameleon project. Reality is never altered, erased but modified; it interests and seduces us in all its complexity. The project is for here and now.


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