Wavy brick wall

does anyone know how to distribute fixed size modules (as bricks) over a curved surface (e.g. patch in max) as shown in following link?


looking forward for your reply!


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Re: wavy brick wall
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Laying brick in Revit and Project Vasari

I have a post here that deals with a slight variation on this project here:

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PanelingTools to create wavy brick wall

Here is a quick way to create the wall with PanelingTools for Rhino. Once you create the brick module and wavy surface:
- Generate a surface grid with ptGridCurve.
- Populate the module with ptOrientToGrid.

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wavy brick wall with Grasshopper

Here's a brick wall definition with Grasshopper 8.003. The bricks are instantiated normal to the surface on a grid of points. The parameters are a reference surface and the brick dimensions. I am interested in taking this another step further and...

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Wavy brick in Digital Project

Here's a quick example of how to do this in DP. The bricks are all normal to the surface at their centroid. The horizontal spacing is managed by a parameter as well as the overall surface dims, brick dims, etc... This example uses a UDF for the...

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