1 Module : Multiple Possibilities


We see this project as a re-skinning solution to make a building more sustainable in terms of energy efficiency. The process of designing this project followed a sequence of questions:
"Do we have to drastically change overall aesthetic look of an existing building? Do we need to change it permanently? Could the skin Shape-Shift at different times? How can we make the building to have a "live" skin and respond to weather or the different moods of the day and night? Could we make art out of a building façade? If so, could we make this art to represent the building's context? Natural wonders of Arizona? Grand Canyon? What about Arizona butterflies? Could we make this same façade also to look like a butterfly garden? What about colors? Low energy consumption lights? RGB LED technology. If so, we need to produce our own clean energy with solar panels."

"Sounds very interesting, but the thing is: How could we do all this with a simple and practical solution?"


Shape-Shifting Building Skin as Solar Shade with the design of only 1 module. A single window-shade design can be industrially produced to make shaded and ventilated façades for the building.

This simple module design gives a cutting-edge look and helps to minimize solar gains especially in summer, while controlling the way sunlight enters interior space. This module is capable to adapt to various solar positions and orientations, and the best of all is that it can be used in hot climate to reduce solar radiation, and in cold climate to gain heat through a passive solar design. Because of this, the design could be used not only in Phoenix, Arizona, but also in other cities adapting the building’s response to its local climate.

How? The key is the material composition and the ability to open and close. The window is composed by 2 layers and the mullions frame. These layers are glass and perforated vinyl. When the skin is open in "SHADE FORM", the vinyl layer gives shading to the existing internal skin maintaining a fresh building in summer with adequate natural lighting levels. When the skin is open in "SOLAR CAPTURE FORM", the internal skin captures direct solar radiation to heat the interior in cold days during winter.

The vinyl layer is personalized to the building, giving the façade a singular look trough the design of the art and perforations, making the building skin a giant urban canvas.

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