Superhero Landmark


With the rise of superhero movies dominating the movie screens, we need a permanent place of celebration to honor these great characters and their awesomeness. We propose building a Superhero Theme Park! Designing an entire theme park is way too big of a task to tackle for this scope, but luckily every park has an element that embodies the ethos of the park.

This challenge is to design the central landmark of your Superhero Theme Park. The landmark will serve as the iconic image of the park and the primary means of orientation for the park.

The Superhero Landmark can be inspired by a single character or group of characters. We encourage you to invent your own characters and design a landmark around them! The more creative the better!

Being the focal point of a Theme Park, the Landmark will be a primary venue for performances. The Landmark is required to have a “stage” element to entertain the park guests and should be partially covered. The immediate context, pathways, and landscaping are encouraged to be addressed. At a minimum, submissions should show how guests can “interact” with the Landmark AND/OR navigate around it. The program of the landmark is completely optional. If the theme of your landmark requires the need for a specific “ride”, look out pavillion, restaurant, etc, please do not refrain from adding program. If your landmark is more powerful without any additional program, that is perfectly acceptable as well. Extra attention will be given to those submissions that incorporates the use of the software prizes!

All final model submissions must be in a “.rvt” or “.rfa” format



  • A central location within a hypothetical Theme Park.
  • Sometime in the near future.



  1. Provide performance “stage” that is partially covered/shaded.
  2. Provide immediate conceptual circulation & site plan.
  3. Design should creatively use/expand the repertoire of tools available in Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Project Vasari, IronPython, and/or Dynamo.
  4. Design should be beautiful!





A 30-day trial of Autodesk Revit can be found here. Other software applications can be downloaded here. Students may download Autodesk software from the Autodesk Student Community.

Videos on Form Creation and various Parametric tools:



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  1. Post editable documentation (3d) in .rvt or .rfa file format (required)
  2. Post Conceptual Circulation Plan. (required)
  3. Post Conceptual Site Plan (required).
  4. Post images (optional)
  5. Post diagrams (optional)
  6. Post animation/video (optional)


Judges (all tentative):


  • Employees of CASE Design, Inc. and Autodesk are encouraged to submit; however, these submissions will not be eligible to win.


  • All designs must be submitted by Monday, Sept 10th, 2012 @ 11:59 PM (GMT -4)
  • Community voting will end on Monday, Sept 17th, 2012 @ 11:59 (GMT -4)
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Gotham Square

This project is inspired from Batman and Gotham City. Big influences for the modeling of this scene were gothic architecture, art deco and also architects like Hugh Ferriss and Santiago Calatrava.

This project represents a downtown Square...

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TU Graz
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