Meteorite house

Meteorites rain down. The drizzle of rock has become no more strange than water falling from the sky every winter; the astronomer the new climatologist. They forecast that these yearly peltings will happen for decades to come. It seems a large swarm of meteorites has floated into the earth's path and every year, as the earth swings about the sun, we hurtle through this flock of billion year-old interspace debris. The majority are thumbnail sized chondrites. They glow white-hot, shatter windows, pockmark concrete, and leave blistering welts that linger for weeks. Occasionally a piece as large as your fist will make it through the atmosphere. These are far more deadly and destructive.

A wealthy client wants you to design a house to keep their family safe. When the meteorites fall, it must close to shield the inhabitants. At other times of the year, the building must keep the family comfortable in Las Vegas's climate of hot days and cool nights.



  • Design a net-zero structure or home.
  • Approximately 2,000 square feet.
  • Building must adapt to the local climate, particularly the presence of meteorite showers. Adapting may include things like operable building elements (such as louvers), morphing skins, and redundant structures.
  • Maximize tool set utilization. (Special attention will be given to those who take advantage of all the tools available in FormIt).


  • Casey Brown, Permanent Camping. A small, energy efficient retreat, which mediates Australia's climatic highs and lows with folding verandas that also serve as protection from bushfires.
  • Fosters, Moon House. A four person house designed to shelter the inhabitants from meteorites and radiation on the moon. 
  • Philip Beesley, Hylozic series. A network of plant-like architecture installations that shiver, smell, communicate, sense, and move in reaction to their environment.


Your design process must utilize Autodesk Formit and Autodesk 360. We suggest the following workflow:

  1. Create a conceptual model in Formit.
    - Get an iPad.
    - Download Formit form the Appstore (free).
    - Create a new sketch.
    - Set the location (third option from right on bottom menu) to 4472 Penguin Avenue, Las Vegas.
    - Create something awesome (this video might help).
  2. Import into Revit.
    - Get a free student copy of Revit.
    - Import your Formit model into Revit using this process.
  3. Enhance your design.
    - Try Adaptive Components (instructions part 1, part 2, part 3).
    - Try doing an energy analysis in Vasari (instructions here - navigate Unit3 on the right).
  4. Render with Autodesk 360.
    - Watch this video to find out how.


  • The first place entry will receive an Apple iPad mini.


Anyone is able to submit an entry, however employees of Case Design Inc. and Autodesk are not eligible to win. 


  • The Formit .axm file (required).
  • A render of the final design produced with Autodesk 360 Rendering (required).
  • Results from energy analysis in Vasari (optional).
  • Diagrams, sketches, sections, and text explaining your project (optional).


  • Andrea Graziano - Researcher, founding member of Co-de-it, and social media catalyst.
  • Roland Snooks - Partner of Kokkugia and lecturer at RMIT University.
  • DesignbyMany Users - Community voting will be taken into account for the final winner.


  • There has been a week extention, the new deadlines are:
  • All designers must be submitted by Monday, October 6th October 28th, 2013 @ 11:59 PM (GMT -4) SUBMISSIONS HAVE CLOSED
  • Community voting will end on Monday, October 13th November 4th, 2013 @ 11:59 (GMT -4) VOTIING HAS CLOSED, results soon


The winning submission was Nikolaus Kaufmann's Second Skin project.

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MHU ... MetaBall Help Unit
We use the natural of desert in Las vigas and make the design of the unit that we help the people from Meteorites rain down so we use the metaball logic in paramtric design and the design of unit depend on the main points make the atractors...
ahmed's picture ahmed

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second skin

The design is based on the idea of having a second skin which acts as a protective shield for the actual house. This skin should not only provide protection during the winter, but also supply the house with electricity, water and act as shading...

Nikolaus Kaufmann's picture Nikolaus Kaufmann

Tu Graz
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Project by Falko Iwen:

The Design has a domed structure, compared to other structures it is very resitant to external forces. It gives very few contact surface to impacts and pressure waves, to any direction the threat comes from....

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New York
Design By Many
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Bunker House

My proposal's main purpose is to keep inhabitants safe during the meteorite events that occur in the contest scenario. The primary concept is to create spaces that will allow its inhabitants to avoid possible injuries from falling meteorites...

Vy Le's picture Vy Le

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Morphic House

This house uses its skin to adjust and adapt to the environment. It has hard skin similar to an armadillo for meteor shower protection and can adjust to climate and solar gains according to efficiency. The solar panels, green roof and cistern are...

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Westall Architects
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