Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Winner is!!!

First Place goes to Plug + Play by HMMY. Their  design for the Electrice Vehicle Charging Station was voted first unaimously by our three Judges.  HMMY will be awarded the brand-new HP Designjet T790 24” PostScript ePrinter.

Second place goes to Stops by Joel Cullum and Third place goes to Symbiotic Charging Station by Jiri.   Thanks to all who submitted designs, it brought a diverse range of ideas.  Check back soon for a new Challenge. 

Also, Thanks to our three judges:

  • Nash Hurley - A partner at Vital Environments
  • Dong Ping Wong - Head of the design firm Family NY
  • Stephen Van Dyck - Architect at SHoP and teacher at YSOA


Historically, the filling station was designed with the basic concept of sheltering those in need of filling up their tanks and nothing more. However, as consumers adopt an environmentally conscious lifestyle and hybrid technology advances, the functionality of the filling station is no longer what it used to be. This challenge is to design an electric vehicle charging station that will define a new era of electric mobility.


  • The design elements should bring a new definition to this concept of modern life, with the organization of the space, basic elements, and their composition.
  • The location and design is chosen by the designer to show how the project and where electric vehicles are suited most.
  • Please specify a location, urban conditions, as the basis of your analysis.


  • Provide at least  15 places to charge electric vehicles.
  • Design may include components to generate clean energy.
  • No more than 250 square feet of storage and electric charging area.
  • Connect the idea of new energies with the design.


HP Designjet T790 24” PostScript ePrinter - The winner of this challenge selected by the judges will take home a brand-new HP Designjet T790 24” PostScript ePrinter. Introduced on May 12, this printer is one of the latest additions to the HP web-connected ePrinter portfolio, making large-format printing easy and offering instant file access to design professionals. With the HP Designjet T790 ePrinter, users can simply plug and print directly from a USB thumb drive or connect a laptop directly to the device to print with driverless printing. Users can also print directly from the web without a computer and preview projects through the large-format industry’s only color touch screen interface.

Both the winner selected by the judges and the community winner will be featured on ArchDaily, The world’s most visited architecture website.

Precedent and sources



  • TBA


    Required - Post design model and documentation (3d and/or 2d)
    Required - Post Images and diagrams explaining approach
    Optional - Post video explaining approach


  • Submission January 8th 2012 at 11:59 pm (UTC/GMT -5)*
  • Community Voting January 15th 2012 at 11:59 pm (UTC/GMT -5)**

* Judges will select a single winner as the official winner of the challenge.

** Community will select a community winner that will win a smaller prize yet to be determined.

Thanks Rodrigo for Winning the Design-a-Challenge Competition and submitting this challenge!

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iFIL - Electric Car Filling Station

Can you waste 30 minutes of your time? Of course not! Here you have the newest version of filling station that, in fact, becomes an active urban space. Don’t waste any minute of...

CSRArchitects's picture CSRArchitects

0 challenges 2 responses
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Latitude 49 Electric Charge Rest Area

The overarching design for the electric charge station is driven by the path of the sun during the different seasons of the year.  The angularity of these optimum energy photovoltaic receivers drove initial designs and holds true to the...

Ryan Rideout's picture Ryan Rideout

0 challenges 1 responses
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plug + play

The plug + play electric vehicle charging station functions as a visual meter of the substantial gap between the production and consumption of energy.  This generates a renewed consciousness of energy use in our modern lives.  The led...

HMMY's picture HMMY

UC Berkeley, Woodbury University
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Symbiotic Charging Station

Automobile traffic has become an integral part of our lives. Although fossil fuel supplies are declining drastically, the number of cars is rapidly increasing. Symbiotic Charging Station Project does not seek an immediate and absolute solution to...

Jiri's picture Jiri

quest architects
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Current petrol gas stations are whittled with ecological violations. Besides the fact that they are selling a product with a huge carbon footprint, gas stations leak that fuel into the ground, contaminating plants, groundwater and soil. Some out...

Diego Valencia's picture Diego Valencia
Landscape Architecture 0

Arizona State University
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E-CAR CHARGING STATION places of mobile future


Places of Mobile Future


This is my design for electric vehicle charging and service stations for cars powered by sustainable and regenerative energy resources. It should represent a new...

Roland Zimmerer's picture Roland Zimmerer
Master of Arts Architecture 0


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Menil Neighborhood Car Station

The Menil Neighborhood is a shaded haven consists of only a few blocks of houses, but it is well known for its great architecture, such as the Menil Collection by Renzo Piano and the Rothko Chapel by Philip Johnson. The area is characterized by...

Jason Do's picture Jason Do


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Flowenergy Cafe

Flowenergy Cafe - flower shaped electric vehicle chargirg station with solar panels and terrace on the roof.

Flowenergy Cafe - "charge your car, charge yourself" 

Ivan's picture Ivan

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LRV Station is about two things: distribution and collection. How can we achieve collective energy usage for electric cars? One way is to design a façade to reflect sunlight and collect energy. Then channel that collected...

hiram rodriguez's picture hiram rodriguez

hrz architects
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My design is a sustainable solution to the problem facing electric automotion across vast rural roads. 'Stops' are a series of self sustaining charging docks in which motorists can freely draw renewable energy from. A 'station'...

Joel Cullum's picture Joel Cullum


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The purpose of our project is to provide a breathing space to the world, using one of the most important renewable energy to contribute to the revolution of the cars, zero emissions, "the sun".

The ecological vehicle charging...

archte.uno's picture archte.uno
Architect 0

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City E-Car Dock


City E-Car Dock
The City E-Car Dock is a curb-side electrical car recharging station located in several areas throughout Sydney's City Centre. Utilizing electricity generated from the...
Patrick Girdler's picture Patrick Girdler

Sydney, Australia
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