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We strongly apologize for the delayed announcement regarding the results of the competition. Due to the lack of participants before & after the deadline, the panel of judges had decided that it was impossible to judge the 4 submitted works or to extend the deadline. Therefore, it was regrettable that the prize had been cancelled. Nevertheless, the rankings would still be posted and awards would be issued as promised on Design by Many as a challenge award to all of its participants.

The winners for the Design a Chair challenge are as follows:


Quan Thai

Matthew Davis

Amanda Ghantous

& Haoxi

Congratulations to the participants for winning the challenge as members of the design challenge. Moreover,the organising committee had reasonably promised to give encouragement awards in the form of digital certificates to all the above participants on the Design By Many platform itself. The panel hopes to honor the participants for their wonderful works and what they have been doing. Likewise, participants can print the certificates from the website and use it as part of their porfolio in the future.

Finally, the panel sincerely hopes that all the participants would continue to produce good and creative design in their future careers.

Once again, congratulations to the 4 winners.


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